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  • Tips & Facts for Appliances Recycling & Disposal

    How to Recycle Old Fridges

    To use the appliances, the energey is consumed in the average of $50 more per year in energy costs. Once your appliances are getting old, you might decide to purchase a new one. As you are going to get rid of them, you need to dispose of those old appliances properly. For the appliances like […]

    Disposal of Old Refrigerators

    As everyone knows, there is the hazardous component such as refrigerant, oils and so on. In the States, there are federal and state laws which concern on the disposal of old refrigerators. Accordingly, those old refrigerators will not be accepted as waste by most of municipal landfills. To dispose of old appliances is everyone’s responsibility. […]

    How to Get Rid of Broken Small Appliances

    Generally, small home appliances do not have that long useful life. It must be the time to change or replace an appliance. However, you can not just throw it away simply into the bin as those appliances are made with metal and chemical components. Accordingly, those appliances must be disposed of or recycled properly so […]

    What to Do With Old Appliances

    Nowadays technological innovations has been leading to many appliances with high efficient that answer consumers’ need by its new features. Because of that, many people might want to change or install new appliance even though old appliances might still work perfectly but you don’t want to take these appliances as the waste anyway. If those […]

    Guideline for Appliance Recycling

    Appliance recycling is an excellent way to reuse those appliances for good. By appliance recycling, the world will get help to keep it clean. Moreover, the environmental can be preserved and the excessive of natural resources waste will be decreasing. There are some guidelines that strongly recommend for those who want to do appliance recycling […]